Staff Attitudes

As a bid to empower communities to analyze and evaluate the delivery of health services, consumers of health services and their providers were tasked to assign scores in respect to health workers’ observing working hours, polite behavior, listening to patients problems and respect for patients privacy . Review of the study results looking at the attitude of staff index (a combination of community scores and service providers) shows, respect of patient’s privacy earned greater scores with half (50%) considering it “very good” or “good”, 17% regarded it fair. Polite behavior of the service providers was ranked second with 83% depicting it as fair and 17% ranking it as “very good or good”. Observing working hours was ranked third with 50% scoring it fair and 17% scoring “very good” or “good”. Listening to patients problems was ranked very poor or poor at 67%, 25% fair and only 8% depicting it “very good” or “good”.

Adherence to working hours was assessed both at facility level and district level. Facility level scores depicted that that level IV faciliies were ranked worst with 67% of the participants ranking it “very poor or poor”, while level III facilities were ranked fair (60%) and 40% poor. Level II facilities were better ranked with half of the participants saying that its fair and the other half regarding it “very good or good”. District level assessment on the other hand regarding observation of working hours point out a poor score for Alebtong and Lira district at sixty percent (60%) and one hundered percent (100%) respectively .

Further analysis was conducted in relation to polite behaviour at facility level and district level. Results show a fair score both at facility level and district level.

Level III facilities excelled in regard to listening to patients problems at 80% “very good or good” . Fifity percent of level II facilities were ranked very good or good while quarter (25%) fair and poor respectively. Level IV performed worst at 67% poor and only 33% ranked very good or good.

Evaluatation of respect of patients privacy across facilities revealed positive score of 60% for level III and 50% for level II facilities. Facilites at level IV rankings performed worst with 67% rakned very poor or poor and 33% ranked very good or good

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