Since the 1990s, Uganda has been struggling with HIV and AIDS. At the peak of the epidemic, 18.5% % of people in Uganda were living with HIV. The government’s policies and leadership have helped bring adult HIV prevalence down over time, to 6.4% in 2006. However, due to complacency, HIV prevalence has increased to a national average of 7.3%, according to a 2012 Uganda AIDS Indicator Survey report. It is also noted in the report that only about 59% of all HIV positive people in need of antiretroviral treatment are receiving it. Success in the fight against AIDS remains in jeopardy as long as ART isn’t accessible to everyone who requires it, and according to the Uganda AIDS Commission that number stands at 599,000 people out of 1.2 million Ugandans living with HIV.

Estimated number of people living with HIV: 1.5 million
Children (0-14 years): 150,000
Adults (15 and up): 1.3 million
Women (15 and up): 770,000
HIV prevalence (ages 15-49): 7.3%
Deaths due to AIDS: 33,000
Orphans due to AIDS (0-17): 650,000

Source: UNAIDS 2014 estimates